Abating the Condition

From a June 29, 1916 article in the Louisville newspaper the Courier-Journal:

Chief Lindsey Determines To Spare No Effort To Abate Practice Here.
Police Corp. John Sullivan has been detailed by the Chief of Police Lindsey to investigate the extent of miscegenation in Louisville. Yesterday afternoon two cases were brought to the attention of the police, which reflected a condition that Chief of Police Lindsey declared he was going to spare no effort to abate.
Complaints coming to Desk Sergt. Krakel that a white woman was in the house of a negro at 1204 Carpet alley caused Lieut. Moriarity and Corp. Sullivan to go to that address yesterday afternoon. There they found the room of Harry Jenkins, colored, 34 years old. In the room, they allege, they found a woman who these officers, Chief Lindsey, Jailer Foster and the jail matrons say is white, but who insists that she is a negro. Jenkins and the woman, who gave her name as Alice Shumaker, were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.
At the jail the woman was slated as white, but beside her name was written, "claims she is colored." The woman is 30 years old and good looking. She said she had been married and lived in Shippingport, but was separated from her husband. A blood test will be made at the jail to determine whether or not she is a negro.

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